Online Resources

We have put together a list of helpful AOD online resources including:

Helplines, online counselling & service directories



Beyond Blue

1800 Respect – Family Violence

Service Seeker

Adin Health Support Services Victoria

Women’s, babies and pregnancy AOD services

The Womens Hospital – AOD Services

Regen – Treatment Support Mother & Baby

Salvation Army Cross Roads – Bridgehaven

LGBTQI AOD services

Thorne Harbor LGBTI Health AOD

Queer Space

Mental Health/AOD & Personality Disorder Services


Spectrum BPD

Young people’s AOD services



Prisoners and others involved in the criminal justice system

ACSO Offender Rehabilitation


Alcohol and Other Drug Facts

Alcohol & Drug Foundation

Youth Drugs & Alcohol Advice

Kids Helpline

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction Victoria

NRCH Medically Supervised Injecting Room

HRVICS Pharmacotherapy Advocacy Mediation Support

AIVL NSP directory
Australia-wide but you type your postcode or go to the map

AIVL harm reduction resources

Legal Aid Victoria
Drugs, the law and safer injecting – Victorian legal guide
Return on investment report – NSP 2009

HRVic resources
Including substance specific resources, overdose, hep c treatment

Bluelight Forums
An international, online harm-reduction community that hosts forums where people seeking support (reducing use/dependence, harm reduction, education) can speak in a judgement free space.

Festival Friends
Helpful, accessible information on how to be safer in a party/festival setting, including information about buying drugs, taking drugs and looking after friends. A list of various party drugs, their street names, and detailed information about each drug. Drug information includes dosage, safer use, duration, administration, detection, effects, combinations.
A national website with drug and alcohol information with specific information for LGBTQIA+ communities (e.g. interactions with HRT and HIV medication). Has a section for Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Sexual Health, Toolkit & Stories. Includes a lot of information about a range of drugs, their effects, treatment, where to go for support etc.

Progressive Diagnostic
Information on a range of substances, specifically some less reported on psychoactive substances like NBOMe.
Has a drug checker section for information on how different prescription drugs interact with each other.

Drug Aware – Staying Safe
Has a 24hr drug and alcohol support line & live chat, established in 1996, has information on a range of different drugs. Has a great section on advice on how to plan nights out so that everyone stays safe.

“Every individual reacts differently to every chemical. Know your Body – Know your Mind – Know your Substance – Know your Source.” Extremely comprehensive list of substances, with information about dosage, effects, legality, chemistry, potential harms etc. A huge range of psychedelic substances that a lot of other websites do not cover.

One Medical Ecstasy Facts
Realistic, non-sensationalist ecstasy information and info on safer using.

HNT Info
An international initiative that focuses on the reduction of harm from alcohol and drug use among young people. Includes info sheets, interventions and interesting relevant articles.

Get the effects by text
A text based information service by the Australian Drug Foundation. This allows people to text in drug names they might have heard and get a text response with information about the drug. It includes different names and ‘street’ names of drugs.

Vice Safe Sesh
A VICE video series on a range of substances. Focussing on Harm Reduction information.

Reach Out – How to Party
Article about safer partying, looking at a few tips on how to reduce potential harms.

Drugs Tripsit
Very comprehensive resource on a range of substances. Also has a very informative chart that looks at drug interactions.

Drugs & Me
Accessible drug information focussed on both short-term and long-term effects of a range of popular drugs.

Unity Netherlands
Dutch website with harm reduction information and information about specific drugs. Many documents are translated into English.

Information on a range of substances (dosage, potential harms, effects etc.) as well as a whole range of safe partying resources.

Roll Safe
This website specifically focuses on MDMA harm reduction.

Talk to Frank
Information on a range of substances (dosage, potential harms, effects etc.)

Urban 75 Drugs
A resource with helpful drug information on a small selection of substances, along with a peer-run forum.

Comprehensive harm reduction information in an accessible format.

HR VIC Resources
Excellent Victorian based organisation. Focussed on mostly peer written resources for a wide range of substances, resources for responding to overdose, access to treatment/support and advocacy. Drug information includes dosage, safer use, duration, administration, detection, effects, combinations.

Black Poppy Mag
Peer run blog focussing on a whole range of info related to safer using, dealing with dependence, drug law reform, advocacy and general news.

Injecting Advice
Specific harm reduction and advocacy blog aimed at injecting drug use.

Ask the Caterpillar
A Harm Reduction Chatbot that lets you ask simple questions about drug interactions.

Harm Reduction website focussed on psychedelics. Great resources for tripsitting and care for someone who is experiencing challenging psychedelic effects.

Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling, residential treatment & other services


Self Help Addiction Resource Centre
Association of Participating Service Users

Self Help Addiction Resource Centre



Turning Point

Health and Human Services Information


Health Vic
Alcohol and other drug client charter and resources

Health Vic
Pharmacotherapy guidelines Victoria

Careers in AOD

Health Vic AOD Careers

VAADA Careers in AOD


If you would like to speak to a person who has their own experience of a close family or friend with a substance use issue you can call the Family Drug Helpline. 

Support for siblings (whether teenagers or adults) is also available from Family Drug Help. Sibling Support aims to address the mental health and wellbeing of all siblings affected by addiction in the family by providing them with a wide range of interactive online support, including fact sheets, stories, emails, videos and Facebook. Log onto Sharc Sibling Support