About Us

Bayside Alcohol and Other Drug Service (BayAODS) is the Central Intake provider for the Bayside Catchment, covering Port Phillp, Stonnington, Glen Eira, Kingston and Bayside.

Individuals living in or having strong connections to these areas can call BayAODS for information, support and access to a range of AOD services across the region, including community based and residential services.
If drug or alcohol related issues are affecting you or someone you care about, contact us to find out how the AOD Program works and what options are available for you or the person you are concerned about.

What we can offer you:
• Skilled and experienced intake workers
• Intake, assessment and an individualised AOD treatment planning.
• Site based or phone assessment appointments.
• Information on and referral to a range of community based AOD treatment services in Bayside.
• Information on and referral to residential and home detox services and residential rehabilitation services throughout Victoria.
• Referral to specialist Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Queer Alcohol and Drug Services
• Referral to specialist Youth services
• Advice, information, and education around AOD use and harm reduction
• Information and support for professionals, families and affected others.
• Information on Group support options in Victoria
• Advocacy and support to navigate the AOD treatment system