If you need help

If you need help

If you are concerned about your alcohol or drug use BayAODS can help you work out what you need, identify which services can help and connect you to them.

BayAODS and the services we refer to are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

Call us between 9AM and 4PM Monday to Friday to talk it over.

You can also attend an information session


BayAODS Free call
1800 229 263

(03) 9690 9778

LGBTQI AOD phoneline
1800 906 669

Information Sessions

Open information session for people impacted by drug use, families and friends to find out more about the services available to them. You will have an opportunity after the session to set an appointment to begin the process.

Who can attend?
Supportive family or friends of individuals contemplating support/treatment are encouraged to attend with the individual seeking support. If the person seeking support does not want family members to attend with them they could learn about the treatment system by attending the session on a different date


Star Health - 240 Malvern Rd, Prahran (About a 9 minute walk from Prahran Train Station)

Every Friday at 1 PM

**Bookings are not required.

How do we help?

First: we will talk with you to work out what kind of help you need and if you would benefit from alcohol and drug services.

You can also fill out the confidential first contact info form here and we will contact you.

We can offer a longer appointment to support you to begin the recovery process. We will ask what you need and want in this session and an ongoing treatment plan will be developed with you. This can be by telephone or in person.

Next Steps

Next possible steps could include:
Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling
A supportive, non-judgemental, safe space

You can talk about what you are going through and what you need.

We will help you to make your own plan.

Counsellors can help with:
• problems related to alcohol and drug use
• difficult emotions
• trauma, grief and loss
• health
• legal
• housing
• income
• relationship issues

Opiate substitution therapy
We can help with options and support you to start and stay on a program.

Overdose prevention
Skills, information and naloxone.

Harm reduction/safer using
You don’t have stop using or drinking to get help from BayAODS. We also have services for people who inject drugs.

Specialist clinics for pregnant women
Nurse assisted withdrawal in the home
We support you to withdraw from alcohol or drugs at home or other supportive accommodation

Mutual support groups
Such as SMART Recovery & 12 step programs.

Stop smoking services

Residential withdrawal services (“detox”)
Live in intensive support for up to 10 days

Residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation services
Longer term live in recovery support including a selection of 6 week to 12 month programs

Day time non- residential group recovery programs

Family counselling and support services
To assist your family to understand what you are going through

Care and Recovery Coordination
Intensive help for people with complex needs related to mental illness, homelessness and substance use

Outreach AOD Counselling
For people who cannot attend on site due to illness or disability

Dual Diagnosis Clinic
Counselling, referral and support for people experiencing both a mental illness and problems related to alcohol and drug use